Monday, February 02, 2009

Mission-style oak exterior doors

I sketched a façade for the house while we were in Memphis after the storm. It was a craftsman-inspired style that was sympathetic to the age and scale of the house and seemed to be achievable from a cost-effective view.

But how would we be able to afford the true divided, nine-light doors that I envisioned?

You guessed it! Craig's List!

The week after I moved up to MD, I was browsing the listings AND THERE WERE THE DOORS. TWO OF THEM! EXACTLY what I had sketched. $1100 for the two doors. (I know, sounds like a lot for us, but these doors run $1,000-3,000 each!)

I forwarded the link to C., who was still in GA at the time. We were in agreement. They were perfect.

I went by to see them. Toby and Jessica had done an AMAZING renovation of a craftsman-style home. But there were two custom Simpson doors that were not the correct size. Rather than reframe the doorways, they decided to order new doors and try to sell the others. Lucky us!

C and I picked them up and C transported them to NOLA. I spent a week sanding and staining the doors (and the sidelights that we found to pair with them).

Pat installed the doors. . .

and we found hardware that matched the style.

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