Wednesday, January 07, 2009

8) black kitchen appliances, 9/23/06

Jeff L. and his family were finishing up their kitchen and family room renovation and were ready to get rid of their old appliances. A full set of black kitchen appliances for $250. I contacted him right away!

After Chris and I loaded the appliances, Jeff refused to take any money. He said that he listed them with the intention of giving them away, but did not feel that people would be responsible about picking the appliances up if they were listed for free. I personally think that he just wanted to help us out because of Katrina and what we were trying to do with the renovation. Either way, we really appreciate it! And the end result is striking.

The cabinets (while not from CL) are recycled from the house my parents renovated in Chattanooga, TN. They are metal cabinets (c. 1920-30's) that were white. John spent many hours cleaning and painting them.

The stainless counter was from the same kitchen. It had been sitting in a barn at my grandmother's farm for years. It looks great after lots of Brasso and scrubbing!

Pat fashioned the butcher block counters from a cast-off, warped piece from IKEA. He also fit all of the crown molding (recycled courtesy of my friend, Skip). Note: The kitchen ceiling is the original beadboard porch ceiling (with many coats of caulk and high gloss white paint!).

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