Wednesday, January 07, 2009

16) 2 Kohler Sterling toilets, 1/17/07

We needed two more toilets for the back apartment. Then we spotted the listing for two Kohler Sterling toilets. Only $50!

Clayton W.'s neighbor had two toilets to get rid of, so Clayton offered to list them on CL for him. When we arrived, everyone was in front of the back yard fire pit - maybe a little tipsy : )

While warming our hands in front of the fire, we hung out and talked about renovations, NOLA, and Katrina for awhile. Then, while Chris was loading the toilets, Clayton W.'s neighbor gave me a tour of his house (that he was modifying substantially). Very cool curved staircase in the entry!

The bathrooms look great!
John designed and installed all the slate. The top photo is the shower-only bathroom. The bottom photo includes the other clawfoot tub from my house that collapsed during Katrina.

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