Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Check out the back apartment kitchen!

Chris and I drove into Atlanta to remove the cabinets and appliances from a condo off of Peachtree Rd in midtown. We returned later to load and transport it all to NOLA (on my parent's too heavy car trailer). We scored the whole kitchen (cabinets, appliances, granite, and a stacking W/D) for $2200. I think that just the refrigerator listed for over $2k new. Chris J bought the condo next door to expand his living space and did not need the extra kitchen. He said that he priced it for what his contractor quoted to remove it. So we removed it for him. It was a LOOOOOONG trip to NOLA after we loaded the trailer (and thanks to Chris J for helping!). We slept overnight in a rest stop on the MS coast rather than pull into the city at 2AM with an open trailer full of a complete kitchen when pretty much everyone in the city needed a kitchen right about then.

It is finally installed and looks AWESOME!

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