Friday, February 13, 2009

1930's doors (knobs, hinges), 8/30/06

So, we had the giant 3'x7' doors, but we wanted to use something older in the front apartment for interior doors. I pictured a four- or five-panel wood door. However, there was a listing for all but one of the doors that we needed. They were a single panel style from the 1930's with original hardware (glass knobs, heavy hinges, etc). Not framed, but the plan to re-use the bargeboard from the original center wall of the house for the interior trim of the front apartment was already forming. $35/door. 5 doors.
Michael B. and family were renovating their Chevy Chase home and changing out the doors. Some were stained, some were painted; some were in the basement, some were still hanging. We waited while Michael took down some doors (much to Mrs. B's consternation since she was trying to get the kids to sleep). We offered some tips on removing and hanging doors which caused Michael to feel like he was on an HGTV show. Chris said that, in fact, he was; that the camera was in my glasses. For a moment, he seemed to believe us.

A couple of weeks later, there ended up being another door. I contacted Michael and asked if he had been holding out on me. So we went back to pick that one up, as well. (Due to some framing and plumbing constraints, we ended up not needing the last door; maybe it will find a home in another project.)

We transported the doors to NOLA. I removed all the hardware and lightly sanded the doors so that they could be painted.

John and I primed the doors.I mixed black and brown (java) to get a dark brown (that was very close to the original stain color). John and I painted the doors.I cleaned up the hardware.Pat constructed amazing frames from the bargeboard.

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