Tuesday, February 10, 2009

French doors for back apartment, 9/23/06

We took a beautiful scenic drive out to the Plains to look at french doors that were being removed during a major home renovation. The house was GIGANTIC.
The doors had not been removed yet, but would be in a couple of weeks by the contractors.

The plan was to "open" the back wall of McKenna Street with two sets of french doors. The cheap, full-light french doors at HD were in the $300-400 range. Each of these sets was $200. Although used, the glass seals and wood were in very good shape. Additionally, they had nice lock sets (that we were able to get re-keyed for only ~$25). On top of that, each door had a transom over it, making the total assembly +8 feet tall.

A matching single door with transom was also for sale, so we picked that up, too.After a few tense minutes trying to manuver a couple of 300 lb doors and windows (yes. we picked up some windows for my mom) through the overgrown English garden, the goods were loaded!(On a side note, I bought a GORGEOUS set of mahogany bi-fold chippendale style doors for $200. I have no idea what I will do with them, but they were too beautiful to pass up.)

Before: (notice how dark and small the room seems even with the ceiling already vaulted)


Final:Notice that the transom was too tall to use above the door, so it was re-purposed as a window.

The doors open onto a covered 100 sqft deck that is about 10 ft above ground level. The view of the neighbor's pool and tennis court is quite nice!

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