Sunday, April 06, 2008

Some people spend over a thousand dollars for a toilet. . .

. . .but not us. Instead, we payed $60 for a $1200 (MSRP) toilet. Really, the cheapest I found this toilet was ~$800. (BTW, you can get a mahogany seat for this toilet for $500.)
Jonah D. did not like the way this toilet flushed. He was upfront with that fact. He knew that it was supposed to be a really nice toilet. It just wasn't working out for him.

There was some difficulty in meeting up with him. Finally, we met at his brewery's holiday party. I mean, where else do you pick up a used toilet?

We chatted awhile and told him our "story." Jonah seemed like a super-cool fella, even inviting us to the party. However, it was time to pick up another Craigslist find, so we had to pass.

Luckily, we have not had any problems with the toilet's flushing capacity. It has been well-tested.

A couple people have commented that getting a used toilet was strange, disgusting even. They are full of shit. ; )

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