Sunday, April 08, 2007

It is not just us!

I read this Craigslist post this morning.

renovating house and apartment - appliances, etc. wanted

Reply to:
Date: 2007-04-08, 12:27AM EDT

Hi Folks!

We are having great success in assembling needed items. thanks so much. here is our Craig's List Registry
Still Needed:

now only one ..found one. ...thanks .... over/under washer-driers (gas or electric) 28" wide or smaller would be perfect. Too much to ask?

Apartment sized dishwasher
stainless steel dishwasher - standard or smaller
Marble counter top material....You got to be kidding! Craig's list is amazing.

standard sized bathroom stool (2)
Small Corner bathroom sink (2)
Bathroom Bidet (1)
Think we have the following ****** locked away....
***drop in cook top - gas or electric - standard size
****Wall oven unit - with Micro and Warming drawer would be great!
Anything else you might think we would need.

We have pickup truck. furniture to outfit English Basement apartment

Photos would be great! Thanks so very much.

Maybe we can have a party with all who have a part in this when we are done. Would be fun, no? A Craig's List Party!!! maybe the new rage! Looking forward to hearing from you.


PS: My wife, Helene, and I are in town from Oregon (SE from Portland in country) helping daughter get her NW home renovation along. I graduated from Catholic in 1961 - Imagine? Yes, there are people that old and still alive. {

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